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April 29 Arts and Entertainment Source: Comic stands tall even on Zoom

Steve Mittleman’s father become so strict, Mittleman swears that as a five-year-vintage, “I by accident set the complete residence on fire” and as punishment, his father “sent me to my room.”

Mittleman’s mom turned into any such bad cook, “She made Jell-O once. I located a bone.”

As for his 6-foot-four frame, Mittleman credits his parents: “Dad’s three-foot-2, mother’s three-foot-2.”

And so the story is going, a sixty five-year-vintage Montreal-born, New York City-raised funnyman is lured to reputation and frolic in Hollywood, spending 35 years chasing the brass ring. Tons of TV appearances and countrywide excursions alongside the way. And yes, a modicum of reputation performing for greater than a handful of audiences who would be baffled trying to outline “modicum.”

April 29 Arts and Entertainment Source: Comic stands tall even on Zoom
Pictured (left to right) on hole 9 ‘Broccoli’ with Six Flags in the background: Alvaro Avalos, Alfredo Navarro, Luis DeLeon, VJ Patel, Ward “Ace” Stewart, Qaiser “Q” Patel. (Contributed)

It’s overdue-morning Tuesday and Mittleman maneuvers a forty five-minute smartphone interview to promote the May 20 digital “Lockdown Comedy” show around contractors working on his new pad in Indio, a thrilling a hundred thirty five miles south of Hollywood near Coachella where residents hope summer season days cool down to one hundred tiers.

“It’s not that awful. It’s a dry warmth,” laughed Mittleman. “If you cross out of doors from 1 a.M. To four a.M., it’s first rate.”

Still, it’s the comic’s first honest-to-goodness real house he’s owned and he’s happier than Secretariat at the end line.

“I moved to L.A. For show commercial enterprise. New York became a awesome vicinity to begin; an implausible place to start comedy,” Mittleman said. “They say in case you make it there you may make it anywhere and I assume it’s genuine.”

After 10 years preventing rats for level time in Southern California, Mittleman had a mid-display epiphany at the Comedy Store.

“I sooner or later felt like myself. It become form of loopy,” he stated. “It was a bizarre sensation.”

Hard to accept as true with it’s been 33 years considering that Mittleman battled it out at the lengthy-forgotten Star Search. He was 20, perhaps 21 “when you don’t have an awful lot to speak approximately and at that age, you do anything that could get a laugh.”

What he seemingly can’t do is perform dirty cloth. It’s no longer in him. Mittleman is so smooth, he’s endorsed by Tide. Almost. He’s so smooth, if he utters the phrase “rattling,” he goes to confession. A bit abnormal, being Jewish and all. Anyway, you get the picture.

“Somebody desired to hire me to do a bachelor birthday party or maybe it turned into a bachelorette birthday party. They said ‘We want blue.’ It’s difficult for me to drag it off. Very hard,” he said. “I’m educated in a positive style. I actually have a positive look. People are not going to buy blue stuff from me, I don’t think. I’m now not towards it for different human beings. If it fits them organically, God bless them.”

Gratefully, “maximum of the time an target market is not seeking out a threatening personality up there,” Mittleman said, believing “someplace within the gene pool, I were given this candy Canadian character.”

Not that each gig is like winning a lawsuit once you have run over by way of a driverless Tesla. Take the time Mittleman played a resort ballroom — and while he become performing, absolutely everyone in the room may want to hear not just historical past song from the venue speakers, but additionally the band playing an adjoining wedding ceremony.

“It was like I turned into being heckled through the song,” the comic said. “It become insane.”

Mittleman merely mocked everything that changed into changed into obviously wrong with the factors “and I got sincerely big laughs. It was one of the maximum enjoyable shows I’ve ever executed. They had been impressed. I become inspired.”

Not not like most running headliners, Mittleman can’t wait to get returned looking into the eyes of actual people in person, though live-streamed indicates “helped me survive the final thirteen months,” he said. “It is an super component to get in reality precise laughs thru a virtual ‘flat’ form, to make that reference to people in which you’re now not in the identical size. But to nevertheless attain into their thoughts and their hearts is a actually great feeling.”

And here he is, pushing that Medicare button remaining Nov. 4, thriving doing comedy — hey, 13 Zoom indicates isn’t some thing to sneeze at and in case you’re going to sneeze, wear a mask — and eating right. Really right. So right that Mittleman has a e book coming out quickly called “The Diet Syndrome.”


“It’s all approximately looking to take higher care of yourself. I’m a huge fitness care advise,” he stated. “I’m eating loads of plant life.”

Of course, “there are 1,000,000 jokes in there,” Mittleman said. “But I make severe factors. I let the reader ease into the truth that I’m the arena’s finest weight reduction guru. Laughter may be the great remedy, however plant life are, too.”

“The Diet Syndrome” changed into definitely written 15 years move and Mittleman “touched it up a good deal.” He’s also touched himself up nicely, looking trim on his elongated structure.

“When I commenced, I ate a burger and fries at New York clubs each night for years,” Mittleman said, saying the trouble isn’t necessarily round his waist “but the weight between my ears.”

Lisa Geduldig Presents “Lockdown Comedy,” Thursday, May 20, 7 p.M., with Steve Mittleman, Nathan Habib, Emily Van Dyke, Arline Geduldig, and Lisa Geduldig, 6 p.M., tickets $10-$20. For information, koshercomedy.Com/

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